Los Angeles Engagement at Venice Beach Canals


Los Angeles Engagement Locations

Engagement photos are a beautiful way for couples to capture their love and excitement before tying the knot. Choosing the perfect location for these photos is crucial, as it sets the tone and backdrop for the couple’s love story. Los Angeles is known for its glamorous and diverse atmosphere, making it an ideal city for engagement photos. In this blog I will share some of my favorite and breathtaking locations in Los Angeles for engagement photos.

Venice Canals in Los Angeles engagement photos


The Venice Beach Canals provide a charming and picturesque setting for engagement photos. With its beautiful canals, charming bridge, and vibrant surroundings, the canals offer unique photo opportunities that help capture the essence of a couples love story. Whether your strolling hand in hand along the canals or your paddling through the waters, this location provides a romantic and whimsical backdrop that is sure to create stunning engagement photos.


The LA County arboretum is located in Arcadia and does require a photo permit plus admission fees. You can either buy the permit ahead of time or on location as long as its before 3pm. There’s so many stunning spots here for photos so I highly recommend coming ahead of time to walk the paths and figure out what areas you want.

Griffith Observatory Los Angeles Engagement Photos


Perched atop the hills of Griffith Park, the Griffith Observatory offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Its iconic architecture and stunning surroundings make it a popular choice for engagement photos. The observatory’s grandeur and romantic ambiance provide a perfect backdrop for couples to showcase their love. The sweeping views of the cityscape and the twinkling lights of Los Angeles at dusk create a magical atmosphere that is sure to be captured beautifully in engagement photos.

Pasadena City Hall Engagement Location in Los Angeles


If your looking for classy and elegant engagement photos, then Pasadena City Hall is the perfect spot for your engagement photos. The architecture really helps bring a different vibe to the photos. The only downfall to this location is the crowds so early morning or weekday shoots here are recommended.

Malibu Engagement Photo Location in Los Angeles


Point Dume in Malibu is breathtaking an such a pretty beach setting for engagement photos in Los Angeles. To get to the top of the preserve is a little bit of a hike if you cant find parking at the top. Their is a small side of the road parking lot up by the preserve entrance if you can find a spot, if not I recommend parking at Westward beach at the very end of the paid lot and hiking up the side of the cliff. Its a short hike for incredible views.

Eaton Canyon Nature Center Pasadena engagement photo location


Located in Pasadena Eaton Canyon is the perfect spot for a nature setting in Los Angeles. There are so many spots here to take photos and a beautiful mountain backdrop. Also no need to hike as many of these gorgeous photo spots are walking distance from the parking lot.


Horsethief Canyon Park is located in San Dimas about a 20 minute drive from Pasadena and is another favorite outdoor location in Los Angeles. During the spring there are beautiful fields of flowers and another great spot for mountain views.