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I'm 28. Kind, Passionate, Creative. I am a lover of taco Tuesdays, the color yellow, spicy margaritas with a chili powder rim (this is a must), anything floral, golden hour, and sunsets. I live in Southern California, born and raised! I started my photography journey in high school with photo being one of my electives and instantly fell in love. Got my first DSLR for graduation, and from there on out it never left my side. I am very proud to say Photography is a full time job, not a job that I hate but something I love and I pour my whole heart and soul into. My job as a photographer is to serve you! I always make sure to get to know my couples and be there with them every step of the way. Connection is a huge part of my brand, when we have a strong connection its easier to create some amazing photographs! 

xoxo shelby ayn

I'm all for the


But my spotify playlist has a mix of different music

I'm a huge fan of Country Music

Mint Chip

is my ice cream of choice! (it does not "taste like toothpaste")

I've been to 8 countries

I traveled around europe with my bestfriend for 1 month a few years ago

things you should know


Let's be Friends