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I'm Shelby! And I am a southern California based wedding and lifestyle photographer. I've been doing photography for over 10 years and weddings for 3 years now. On top of being a photographer (full time basically) I also have a full time job M-F. I consider my jobs to be both full time as to how much I put into each one.
 I want to teach those who are starting out in this business all my tips and tricks I have learned throughout the years. I think mentor-ships are so important in our line of work and I wish I would have taken advantage of them more when I was just starting out. 

I want to help you become the photographer you dream of being!

Mentor Sessions

Coffee date & chat

shoot with me

Coffee + Shooting




Spend 2 hours with me learning everything I know and what you want to learn about photography.  Make sure to bring your computer and coffee is on me!
Topics we will cover:
+business basics
+client experiences
+emailing clients
+pricing yourself

Spend 2 hours learning how I shoot and get a hands on experience with me! We will shoot a real couple local to Southern California, This can be a styled couples session, wedding, or elopement couple. I will share all my tips and tricks when it comes to posing, directing and making my couples feel comfortable in front of the camera. We will cover the basic camera settings & afterwards we will edit a few photos together from the session.

We will spend 4 hours together, this can be split up in two days if you want. We will spend 2 hours at a local coffee shop talking all things business and then spend 2  hours shooting. This package is literally the best of both worlds!

Learn my ways!

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